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Good planning and design always makes for a better end product. Here at Stevenson, with our 3-core specialization, we regularly design and plan for the cross-system integration of multiple disciplines. What does this mean to someone planning to build or renovate a home? It’s quite simple: A more thoroughly planned system that takes into account all the variables and systems within a given structure makes for a better functioning, more efficient environment.

In today’s building landscape it has been recently mandated by local governments that both plumbing and HVAC layouts be submitted for inspection and approval before building permits will be issued. This legislative change has largely come into effect to ensure the energy efficiency of all new systems coming on-line.
At Stevenson, we have a department exclusively dedicated to system design, planning, integration, and project management.

Our certified team of industry-leading electrical, plumbing, and HVAC professionals are experienced in the design and planning processes required to get your project underway.

Planning services include

• BCIN Package Design
• Heat Loss/Gain Calculations
• Plumbing Layout and Design
• Electrical Layout and Design
• HVAC Layout and Design
• Floor Heat Layout and Design