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No aspect of Stevenson Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC’s array of services has evolved more through advances in technology over the last 25 years than its electrical services. Today, clients are looking for much more than simply reassurance that the lights and heating will come on and stay on, even during the extremes of Muskoka’s weather. Home automation is revolutionizing the way we think about the electricity coming into our homes, and environmental concerns are driving us to use technology to achieve better efficiencies and reduce our footprint on the natural world. Changes to municipal coding requirements are geared toward making greener homes the new standard, with a goal of all new homes being net-zero energy (meaning the amount of energy used by the home annually is approximately equal to the amount of renewable energy generated on the site) by 2030. Blake, Brent, and Scott ensure that Stevenson Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC stays up to speed on these exciting developments in all aspects of the business, including product selection, planning, and licensing.

Other electrical services commonly requested include upgrading fuse panels, advising clients on the most suitable generator wattage for their particular situation, and burying power wires underground for better aesthetics and a more permanent installation requiring less maintenance. For clients with solar panels, Stevenson technicians will also install a solar converter at the site of the electrical meter to convert solar-generated electricity for use in the home or to feed it back to the grid.

Stevenson keeps abreast of the latest technology and coming innovations in the electrical field so that it can advise clients about all possible options.

Home automation and LED lighting are areas of explosive growth in the electrical industry, and Stevenson Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC has its finger on the pulse of what’s here, what’s coming, and how clients can utilize the technology to their advantage. Home automation goes beyond enabling homeowners to turn on the heat and lighting before they get home. Basically, anything that can be connected to a network can be part of a home automation system and controlled remotely via an Internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet. Some common applications include heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting control; occupancy awareness; appliance control; security; and pet surveillance and care–but new applications are being developed every day.

Energy Efficiency
Imagine taking a few seconds on a sunny day at work to check your home solar panel output with your smartphone, and then remotely turning on your dishwasher to take advantage of the energy surge.
Home automation means energy savings, and energy savings mean cost savings. With flexible home automation systems, individual devices, such as thermostats and sprinkler systems, can be adjusted to your weekday and weekend routines or even bundled into macros that allow you, with a tap on your smartphone, to activate a set of device responses specific to leaving home, coming home, or entertaining guests. Being able to initiate the macros whenever they’re needed saves you from wasting energy on lights you forgot to turn off or heating a home with no one inside.

For the convenience of clients, the warehouse carries a wide range of industry-trusted electrical brands, saving the need to spend valuable time going from store to store.

20 Years of Hands-On Experience in Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

We are capable of supplying and installing electrical for jobs with large power requirements and small jobs as well. Stevenson Plumbing & Electric is recognized by the Electrical Safety Authority as an ACP contractor.

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